High quality Cat6a FTP Keystone Coupler

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Like the Cat6 FTP Keystone Coupler, the Cat6a FTP Keystone Coupler provides high performance and bandwidth capabilities, making it suitable for use in high-speed network applications, such as Gigabit Ethernet or 10GBase-T. It is commonly used in high-performance commercial and residential buildings, including data centers, hospitals, and schools.

When used with Cat6a Cable, the Category 6A Keystone Modules provide an outstanding transmission medium free from the problems of alien crosstalk.

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Cat6a FTP Keystone Coupler is a type of keystone coupler designed to work with Cat6a cables. Cat6a is a higher-grade version of Cat6 cable that supports higher frequencies and bandwidths, making it suitable for use in more demanding network applications.

Cat6a FTP cable is similar to Cat6 FTP cable but with additional features and specifications. It also consists of four pairs of twisted wire with color-coded insulation and a flat design, but it is constructed to support higher frequencies and bandwidths.

The Cat6a FTP Keystone Coupler is designed to mate with Cat6a FTP cable and provide a secure and reliable connection between the cable and a wall-mounted jack or patch panel. It has a keystone-style connector that can be installed into a wall or ceiling port, allowing for easy installation and connection of Cat6a cables.

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