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Cat5e, is an enhanced version of the original Cat5 cable. It is widely used for Ethernet networks due to its affordability and compatibility with most networking devices.  Cat5e cables are capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 1000Mbps, making them suitable for small to medium-sized networks.  They utilize four twisted pairs of copper wires to minimize signal interference, providing reliable connectivity for home users, small businesses, and basic network applications.
















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Brand Name EXC (Welcome OEM)
Type UTP Cat5e
Place of Origin Guangdong China
Numeber of Conductors 8
Color Custom Color
Certification CE/ROHS/ISO9001
Jacket PVC/PE
Length 305m/rolls
Conductor Cu/Bc/Cca/Ccam/Ccc/Ccs
Package Box
Shield UTP
Conductor Diameter 0.4-0.58mm
Operating Temperature -20°C-75°C

UTP Cat 5e is a premium Class 5 unshielded twisted pair specially designed for high-speed network transmission and data communication. It uses high-purity copper wire as the main material, with a transmission rate of up to 1000Mbps, and is suitable for 1000Base-T networks. Compared with the traditional Cat 5 line, Cat 5e has a significant improvement in transmission distance and transmission speed, which can meet the needs of modern networks for high-speed transmission.
The features of Cat 5e cable are as follows:
1High transmission rate: Support 1000Mbps transmission rate, suitable for high-speed network transmission and data communication.
2Long transmission distance: Compared with Cat 5 lines, Cat 5e has a longer transmission distance, which can meet the needs of long-distance network connections.
3Strong anti-interference performance: special design is adopted to reduce signal attenuation and noise interference to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission.
4Environmentally friendly materials: The cable skin is made of environmentally friendly materials, durable and environmentally friendly, in line with RoHS standards.
5Multi-purpose: suitable for a variety of network environments, including enterprises, schools and families, suitable for upgrading network lines.
In short, the UTP Cat 5e cable is a high-quality, high-performance network cable for high-speed network transmission and data communication, making it an ideal choice for upgrading your network lines.



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EXC Cable & Wire was established in 2006. With headquarters in Hong Kong, a Sales team in Sydney, and a factory in Shenzhen, China. Lan cables, fiber optic cables, network accessories, network rack cabinets, and other products related to network cabling systems are among the products we manufacture. OEM/ODM products can be produced according to your specifications as we are an experienced OEM/ODM producer. North America, the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia are some of our major markets.










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