High Performance STP Cat8 Patch Cable

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The Cat8 standard can support data transmission rates of up to 40Gbps, faster than Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7, while the bandwidth reaches 2000MHz, AWG22 0.64±0.008mm, using double single pair shielding, signal transmission is more stable







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Brand Name EXC(Welcome OEM)
Type STP Cat8
Place of Origin Guangdong China
Numeber of Conductors 8
Color Custom Color
Certification CE/ROHS/ISO9001
Jacket PVC/PE
Length 0.5/1/2/3/5/10/30/50m
Conductor Cu/Bc/Cca/Ccam/Ccc/Ccs
Package Box
Shield STP
Conductor Diameter 0.65-0.75mm
Operating Temperature -20°C-75°C



Product Description

A Cat8 STP patch cable is a high-performance Ethernet cable that is used to connect devices to a network. "Cat" stands for Category, and Cat8 is the latest and fastest category of Ethernet cables available. STP stands for Shielded Foil Twisted Pair, which means the cable has both individual shielding for each pair of wires and an overall shielding to minimize electromagnetic interference.

Cat8 STP patch cables are designed to support extremely high data transfer speeds and provide reliable connections for applications such as data centers, server rooms, and high-bandwidth networks. They have a maximum data rate of up to 40 Gbps (gigabits per second) and can transmit data over distances of up to 30 meters.

These cables have RJ45 connectors on both ends, which are the standard connectors used for Ethernet connections. They can be used to connect devices such as computers, switches, routers, and servers to a network.

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Company Profile

EXC Cable & Wire was established in 2006. With headquarters in Hong Kong, a Sales team in Sydney, and a factory in Shenzhen, China. Lan cables, fiber optic cables, network accessories, network rack cabinets, and other products related to network cabling systems are among the products we manufacture. OEM/ODM products can be produced according to your specifications as we are an experienced OEM/ODM producer. North America, the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia are some of our major markets.










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