Equipment Room Standing Network Service Cabinet

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Network cabinet is widely used in network cabling, computer room, data center, power distribution, server storage, distribution frame, weak current system and other fields. Its main function is to combine installation panels, plug-ins, cartridges, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box to protect the safe operation of internal network equipment.





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Dimensions By U Height U Height Size (HxWxD) Weight
18U 902x800x1000 mm 68.2kg
21U 1035x800x1000 mm 71kg
24U 1180x800x1000 mm 73.8kg
27U 1302x800x1000 mm 77.6kg
39U 1835x800x1000 mm 104kg
42U 1968x800x1000 mm 116.8kg
45U 2103x800x1000 mm 118.6kg

Product Description

The cabinet is equipped with multiple ventilation options, including perforated front and rear doors, as well as built-in cooling fans. This ensures proper air circulation, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of your network devices. Additionally, these ventilation features help maintain optimal performance and efficiency by keeping your equipment at the ideal temperature.

With its adjustable mounting rails, this cabinet offers flexible and customizable configurations to accommodate various types of network equipment. The adjustable depth feature allows for seamless integration of both shallow and deep devices, offering versatility for any networking setup. The cabinet also includes cable management solutions, such as cable rings and panels, to ensure a tidy and organized installation, reducing the risk of potential damage and making maintenance hassle-free.

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kg (1)
kg (4)
kg (3)
kg (2)
Rj45 Faceplate (4)

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EXC Cable & Wire was established in 2006. With headquarters in Hong Kong, a Sales team in Sydney, and a factory in Shenzhen, China. Lan cables, fiber optic cables, network accessories, network rack cabinets, and other products related to network cabling systems are among the products we manufacture. OEM/ODM products can be produced according to your specifications as we are an experienced OEM/ODM producer. North America, the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia are some of our major markets.










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